I had an interesting childhood.

Many people are surprised to learn that I am from a working-class background. My parents migrated to the UK in the 1960s and 70s with the hopes of building a better life for the family they wanted to have. At the time Birmingham — known then as ‘the city of a thousand trades’ — was going through an industrial boom, with factories making everything from cars through pots and pans to electrical goods.

I remember clearly the smell of the freshly unwrapped frying pan, my mum lifting it carefully from its nest of paper in…

I love birds. My youngest daughter is named Raven, thanks to a particular fascination I have with corvids.

This week, the potential future of the great tit has been in the news, after the story broke that this distinctive bird is in danger of extinction due to the impacts of climate change. According to a new study the great tit, which has the scientific name Parus major, is at risk due to unusually warm temperatures devastating the species’ food sources.

It seems like every week another unfortunate creature is added to the endangered species list, and indeed scientists speculate that…

Photo: Ben Darlington

A Plea from a Mother in Crisis

The definition of a heatwave is ‘a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather’, but what happens when the weather becomes abnormal; shouldn’t the word become obsolete? The reality is that my children don’t know a world that experiences ‘heatwaves’; they only know a country and a planet with unpredictable weather as the norm. The world in which I spent my youth, one that saw the beginning of global warming, is long gone. …

Zion Lights

Zion Lights is author of The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting. She is a TED speaker and has an MSc in Science Communication.

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